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Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Design a 30,000 square foot facility on the waterfront to store boats during the
winter months. The building would have to be flexible, with as few obstructions as possible.
Problems: The city was not going to allow a major building be placed along the waterfront
because of the impact on the tourism. Limited land area did not allow for maneuvering room
around the perimeter.

Facility: The innovative solution was simple and effective. The building was a simple 150
foot by 200 foot canopy with four columns on two sides and a 35 foot clear height. The sides
were to constructed of cloth curtains for the entire perimeter. The curtains were suspended
from the roof structure and had a steel pipe in the bottom. When the curtain is lowered the
steel pipe is bolted to the concrete floor and each curtain section is held together with velcro.
This solution was acceptable to the city and allowed for movement on all sides during the
summer months.